News, current & previous works



At the beginning of the year 2017, Gianca decided to make more modern works in place of 'classic' paintings.

The new creations are visible in the page "Paintings"

Two works are again under consideration …


The next exhibition will be held in Liège (Angleur), at the Castle of Péralta, rue de l'Hôtel de Ville 6, from February 2 to 4 February 2018.

Open saturday 3 February at 11h to 18h and sunday 4 February at 11h to 17h30.

Varnishing Friday 2 February at 19h.


Exibition in Liège (Sclessin), rue des Beaux-Arts 4, the 27 april 2019, at 14h to 18h. Collective project over the theme "The migrations".


Collective exibition of many artists in Milmort 4041, rue des Alouettes 171, in the offices of the Society Van Dijck.

From may 31 to 2 juni 2019. Open at 14h to 19h.