Gianca, Artist

Gianca lives in Belgium. Despite a penchant for design and architecture, he chose a completely different way. He devoted himself to painting very late on in life.

At the age of twelve, he took part in an art competition at school and showed that he already had a passion for art. He won one of many prizes.

Following that, he excelled in art, painting and architectural design at secondary school.

He decided to focus on working as an architect, but his life led him through a career battling to improve workers’ daily lives. His various experiences through his work, today constitute an important source for his artistic creations.

His works affect, question and lend themselves to reflection and reaction. Research of his themes is not limited. Each subject which is possible to paint and likely to arouse emotions is analysed, thought about, explored and worked on in good time, and left to be held in reserve for a few months.

The techniques he uses are acrylic paint applied with a brush or palette knife, but especially oil painting. He often works with a wet-on-wet technique, to achieve the most striking results, making his work look very realistic.

His research, to find inspiration and exciting projects for lovers of paintings on canvas, forms part of his day-to-day life. 

Gianca is very attached to his paintings. Each successful piece of work constitutes a bond for him onto which he must hold so that he is able to regularly contemplate and refer to it. 

The fear that his creations will deteriorate continually haunts him. 

A large part of his free time is dedicated to this art. He makes it a priority, a new way of expressing himself, to making the most of all critical knowledge accumulated throughout his professional career (defending the rights of workers, citizens, the weakest people; a battle to protect the planet…).

Through his creations, he showcases the problems encountered in our world, in particular the dangers the planet is exposed to, and the wrongs done to humans. 


“My works concern the problems relating to various and many types of waste and pollution, which are putting the existence of the world in danger, and which have terrible consequences for human beings. Other themes approached concern the destruction of Humankind in all its forms. Physical phenomena, subjects which lend themselves to analysis, also form part of the works, which aim to provoke curiosity and questioning. Welcome to my site.”

Shooting in United States in Michigan, 7 deaths, February 20 2016.WHY? : last painting. See details in the painting page


Shooting in United States in Michigan, 7 deaths, February 20 2016.


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